[US] CHICAGO-Vanilla-PVP/Sleeper [24/7 Admins] [New 2/3]

[US] CHICAGO-Vanilla-PVP/Sleeper [24/7 Admins] [New 2/3]

I’d like to announce a brand new server my team is opening up for Rust. It is a pure Vanilla Rust experience, enforced with a very professional and 24/7 admin team, monitoring the servers constantly to ensure fair play. If you’d like a new experience, and a brand new fresh start to Rust, please come join!

-Vanilla Rust
-100s Chicago HFB
-24/7 Staff Admin
-Noobs Welcome
-Brand new server!

Thank you and see you in Rust!

Praise the Sun God!

Hey are you guys getting DDOS’d or what? Server has been down awhile after that lag.

Yes, the server host HFBservers is currently under a large DDOS attack. Hopefully it subsides soon enough for us get back on and continue our post-apocalyptic adventures.