(US Chicago) Wiped 3/23 NoDura/PVP/Sleepers/Airdrops/Vanilla

Server was wiped on 3/23/2014. Server IP is -

Active Admin - Email issues directly to the admin and help him stop hacking and cheats on the server. You may also report glitches and be assisted if you stuck in rocks etc.

Airdrops @ 30 players every rust day.

Average peak of players is 40-60. The server holds 75 maximum players and will be increased when maxed out.

No durability - Everything else is Vanilla.

50 person Mumble Server available. Server IP for Mumble is -

Possible Arena with rewards (Guns/C4/Gear/Building Material).

[editline]23rd March 2014[/editline]

Server has been changed to 25 player Airdrops for the remainder of 3/23/2014.