[US-Chicago] Zombieland Servers Giveaway contest!!

Hey everybody! To kick off the arrival of the new Zombieland Server, we decided that a Giveaway contest run by the Streamer EXUnforgiv3nx would be a great way to go! (follow him @ www.twitch.tv/EXUnforgiv3nx)

Basic info:
Time of event: 9:00 PM CST (10:00 PM EST)
Host: EXUnforgiv3nx
Supporting server/group: zombieland servers
Moderators(as of 1/24/2014 5:50 PM CST):
Blaire Galloway

This contest is hosted on my server and will hold a good 50 people.

Contest Info:
The contest is basically a large maze, but with major obstacles. First, your job is to find this Maze (its not too hard to spot the massive prison cell like building), then your job is to find a way to get inside. Getting inside is hard, but getting to the treasure is even harder.
Multiple people can work together to get to the prize, but ultimately, only one will receive it (hunger games style).

Layers of defense:
First layer of defense is 2 Spike walls with gates, these alone are hard to cross, Explosive charges and large teams of pickaxe wielders is required.
Next layer is the metal doors lining the bottom floor. They aren’t everywhere, but they are placed to be annoying. this is where the maze starts, its relatively easy to find the stairs on the first floor, but you are impeded with the amount of metal door you may run into.
Once you hit the second floor, its all wooden doors from there. With a hatchet and pickaxe, you should be able to make it through.
There are 11 floors of hell, and the chest can be in any of these 11 floors. On these 11 floors are two different types of rooms: the maze, and the battleground.
The maze is quite simply an annoying maze you get lost in. The battleground is an empty floor with metal doors impeding your access to the stairs. here you may run into other players or even the moderators who roam the halls(more about this below)
Many traps lay ahead of you and if you aren’t careful, your gone.
Moderators will roam the halls and floors, invisible and with god mode (except when fighting). their job is to watch you and give you a scare if they wish. they wont kill you or attack you in the mazes, but they will get uncomfortably close to it.

Exploitation is not allowed, which means building stairs to jump the wall isnt allowed. this does not mean finding a weakness will get you disqualified (find a hole or a low spot to jump)
Hacking and cheating is an instant ban, disqualification (from all giveaways), and an official VAC report will be sent with video and log proof.
Placing beds and sleeping bags is not allowed, all sleeping bags and beds will be removed by moderators.
blasting walls are allowed, but blasting outerwalls are not. blasting outerwalls will get you disqualified.
Spawning items counts as cheating and will result in banning (the logs don’t lie guys)
Moderators aren’t allowed to take part of the competition. (if you want to become a temporary moderator, sign up here)

The prize:
The prize consists of Trine 2 and the Alan Wake. (both games are won)

How to win:
When you go through the maze, you will find a chest with a special item inside. find this item and return to EXUnforgiv3nx without dying. the person to return this item will be crowned the winner.

How to collect:
When you win, you will receive an invite from EXUnforgiv3nx and he will send you the games via steam. only he can do this.

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I will also be removing all Inventory profiles after the event and reloading original files. this is to revert the server back to its original state before the contest. (this doesn’t mean building will disappear, you just have to recollect all inventory supplies again)

bump teehee!

Hey guys! the event is starting!

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common guiz! we need users!

Come on guys!!! We need more people!!!

This event has been rescheduled for January 25th at 10:00pm EST!!!

>.> comon guiz! we need to give these games to somebody… we cleaned them just for you!