[US] Chris's Rust [PVP, No wipes, Sleepers Door Share] Please Join :)


Type this in F1

If anyone is interested with a low player count server. I have about 15 regulars on it and we are a great bunch. You can hang out with us on Team Speak, which has a link on my steam group. Just thought I would throw out a quick advertisement. Also if you are new to the game join me on Teamspeak or send me a message to my email chris.servers@gmail.com and I can help you get started with the game. We always help new players that join the server.

I also have mods on my server and Van secured.

The server is so good host is on all the time and drops are all over
amazing so much fun
And join the Communist Party Of Bulbasaur

Thank you. Other people should join? :slight_smile: