[US] CMWgaming.com Official Rust Server - PVP/Teamspeak/Welcome Kit/Airdrops/Sleepers/Oxide

ANNOUNCING CMWgaming.com Offical Rust server. After extensive testing
with various server tweaks and plugins we are finally ready to present our Official
Rust server! And to give everyone a FRESH START, we will be wiping all current
server progress so all players are on an even playing field. Server wipe begins
1-30-2014 at 10pm Eastern.

Now you might ask what sets our Rust server apart from the thousands of others
out there. In a word, EXPERIENCE! We have an established history of running
servers for Minecraft, Day-z, and some of the top Battlefield 3 & 4 servers in the
world. We also have a strong community that is highly active on our Teamspeak
and website forums.

Our admins are friendly, knowledgeable, and accessible! You can easily get in touch
with any one of our Rust admins during a large part of the day. Furthermore our
admins are fair and willing to help whenever needed.

SERVER FEATURES: Featured on our server are several very helpful additions.
We have hourly air drops and a kick ass welcome kit when you first join the server to
help get you started. And we also try to stay true to the experience of the survival
genre by holding on to the core PVP value with the addition of Sleepers for added realism.
Use /help in chat to find some of our helpful commands that you can use to find out
information like server population and which players are admins on the server.

We will always be looking to expand on our features as well as looking for
feedback from our community on what features can be added the make the
CMWgaming.com Rust Server, the place that you can finally call home!

Connect to the CMWgaming.com Official Rust Server by opening up your console
in game (F1) and entering: net.connect Rust.CMWgaming.com:28025

You can also find us on teamspeak by connecting to: ts.cmwgaming.com

And of course you can always find us on the web at http://www.cmwgaming.com

Admin Staff
NBKJOKER732 - Server Lead
JayRocked - Admin & Graphic Design
FoRm4t - Admin
Rev_on_me - Admin

Top notch guys!

i am up for a fresh start ill check it out

Sweet, I’ll see you in there.

I need to beat my last record in regards of the height of my building (232 Stories!!!)

Keep me some bacon while farming the pigs!!!


If you like being raided by admins constantly then join this server. Or am I just whining?

you built you house 15 seconds away from someone else what do you expect

Well your trivial clan has such a sparsely populated server I moved on. You should too. lol

I hate when I’m in my living room and I’m able to smell the chicken breast being cooked in my neighbour camp-fire.

Next time you decide to build some wooden fondations watch if you aren’t in fact placing your structure between the house of someone and their backyard shed…

Yes I was the murderer.

Yes you were on my property.


I got over that. I found a much better server to play on where the admins let us vote. Haven’t heard much good from your server though. Besides I’m a nobody. Not worth replying to me. Feel free to continue if you want. I have to help helpless players get accustomed and recruited. Continue your play style and best of luck.

What do they let you vote on?

Day and night cycles. Though not realistic it does relieve the paranoia of night. However, some nights we have to go through so there’s no freebies on the server.

I think voting for airdrops would be a cool concept.

I have seen some servers allow you to destroy your own items by using a hatchet. That could be something to look into.