–Wiped March 20, 2014–

Server Features:

  • RPG style play with Missions and Skills
  • Active & Friendly Admins(No Abuse)
  • Oxide
  • Sleepers On
  • PvP Server
  • Noob Friendly
  • 100 slots
  • Half Craft
  • Airdrop @ 10 Players Online (Will Adjust Accordingly to Server Population)
  • Low Durability Loss
  • Crafting Controller(Explosives are blocked but spawn from Zombies, Loot Boxes and Airdrops)
  • Door Share
  • Starter Kits
  • Remove Tool(Remove Items From Your Base If You Accidentally Mess Up Building)
  • No Wipe (Unless Required)
  • Missions/Quest

-/reward To Claim Your Rewards for voting

  • Hunter- Leather Armor, Bow, Arrows, Hatchet
  • House- 1x1 house, foundation, pillars, ceiling, doorway and wooden door
  • Research- Research kit

/Mission for Quest type missions such as

  • Kill 1 bears to get 5 Can of Beans
  • Kill 10 bears to get 5 Large Medkit
  • Kill 25 bears to get 2 Small Rations
  • Kill 50 bears to get 20 Wood Planks
  • Kill 100 bears to et 1 Flashlight Mod
  • Kill 150 bears to get 1 Research Kit
  • Kill 200 bears to get 1 Bolt Action Rifle
  • Kill 250 bears to get 1 M4
  • Kill 300 bears to get 1 Kevlar Pants
  • Kill 400 bears to get 1 F1 Grenade
  • Kill 500 bears to get 1 Supply Signal

/skillhelp will help with what skills you can learn


  • Lifedrain: You can get a Medkit if the ReUseTimer is down.
  • Cooking: You can get Food if the ReUseTimer is down.
  • Armor: add a absorb bonus
  • Ammo556: you have a % chance to get ammo after each kill
  • Ammo9: you have a % chance to get ammo after each kill
  • ShotgunShell: you have a % chance to get ammo after each kill
  • Crafting: you have a % chance for 1 more item
  • Looting: you have a % chance for more items
  • Recycle: Recycle to get SkillHigh % res back, how to use Recycle /recycle ItemName
  • Shield: Reduce the incomming Damage if it over zero, /shield shieldamount info
  • Melee: more damage with Melee Weapons
  • Bow: more damage with Bow Weapons
  • Pistol: more damage with Pistol Weapons
  • SMG: more damage with SMG Weapons
  • Rifle: more damage with Rifle Weapons
  • Pumpaction: more damage with Pumpaction Weapons

if u have 1 free skillpoint
/learn Bow

This is has only been up not even 24 hours but so far its pretty awesome. Has an RPG like thing going on that is awesome. It gives you something a bit more to do besides building killing others. The admin is a great guy and is legit. The server is steadily picking up speed. Only have a few now but hopefully more will come. Name is Special K in game, feel free to ask for help.

got a good small population going. Looking for more groups to join