–Wiped March 20, 2014–

Server Features:
-RPG style play with Missions and Skills
-Active & Friendly Admins(No Abuse)
-Sleepers On
-PvP Server
-Noob Friendly
-100 slots
-Half Craft
-Airdrop @ 10 Players Online (Will Adjust Accordingly to Server Population)
-Low Durability Loss
-Crafting Controller(Explosives are blocked but spawn from Zombies, Loot Boxes and Airdrops)
-Door Share
-Starter Kits
-Remove Tool(Remove Items From Your Base If You Accidentally Mess Up Building)
-No Wipe (Unless Required)

  • Missions/Quest

-/reward To Claim Your Rewards for voting

Hunter- Leather Armor, Bow, Arrows, Hatchet
House- 1x1 house, foundation, pillars, ceiling, wall, doorway and wooden door
Research- Research kit

/Mission for Quest type missions such as
Kill 1 bears to get 5 Can of Beans
Kill 10 bears to get 5 Large Medkit
Kill 25 bears to get 2 Small Rations
Kill 50 bears to get 20 Wood Planks
Kill 100 bears to get 1 Flashlight Mod
Kill 150 bears to get 1 Research Kit
Kill 200 bears to get 1 Bolt Action Rifle
Kill 250 bears to get 1 M4
Kill 300 bears to get 1 Kevlar Pants
Kill 400 bears to get 1 F1 Grenade
Kill 500 bears to get 1 Supply Signal

/skillhelp will help with what skills you can learn

Lifedrain: You can get a Medkit if the ReUseTimer is down.
Cooking: You can get Food if the ReUseTimer is down.
Armor: add a absorb bonus
Ammo556: you have a % chance to get ammo after each kill
Ammo9: you have a % chance to get ammo after each kill
ShotgunShell: you have a % chance to get ammo after each kill
Crafting: you have a % chance for 1 more item
Looting: you have a % chance for more items
Recycle: Recycle to get SkillHigh % res back, how to use Recycle /recycle ItemName
Shield: Reduce the incomming Damage if it over zero, /shield shieldamount info
Melee: more damage with Melee Weapons
Bow: more damage with Bow Weapons
Pistol: more damage with Pistol Weapons
SMG: more damage with SMG Weapons
Rifle: more damage with Rifle Weapons
Pumpaction: more damage with Pumpaction Weapons

if u have 1 free skillpoint
/learn Bow

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. You can use your first thread that i left unlocked when you get unbanned." - postal))