[US] Custom Loot|Instacraft|PVP/SLP|BALANCED|RareMilitary&C4

Server Info

Get Rusty is a server powered by Oxide and plugins. The server is hosted from HFBservers that can have up to 100 players and is from the EAST location. PVP and Sleepers are turned on and Airdrops spawn in when 10 players are online. The Craft time is Instacraft/
We currently have a small amount of regular players, but would love to have the community grow! Server has also recently been Wiped since 1-27-14

What Makes Us Different

Get Rusty has a custom loot table that was built from the ground up. This loot table adds a TWIST to the game that current players are enjoying! We managed to balance out the server, making it NOT possible for players to become OP within the first hour of gameplay. M4’s & MP5’s uncraftable, and they are only obtained through an Airdrop. Blueprints also do not drop, if you would like to learn something, you need to find a Research Kit. Get Rusty also has Economy and a Shop, making it possible to buy & sell some items. C4 (Explosive Charges) have a rare drop chance and mostly only drop from Airdrops. Again, making players less OP and for others to enjoy the game.

Spawning into Get Rusty

The first time you spawn in your Starter Kit will automatically be in your inventory! You will start with $1000, type /price to see what the Shop offers. Also hostile mobs and other players will give you money $$
Bears = $100 Zombies = $80 Wolfs = $50. Players will get 10% from the player they kill, players also get 25% back when selling items to the Shop.

How to Connect

Log into Rust. Press F1 to open the Console Window, and type the following in the Console. net.connect www.getrusty.net:28085

Plugins Used

-Sticky Notes
-Players (Listing Players)
-Remove Tool
-Starter Kits
-Private Messaging
Server Staff**

carnivore/russler: Owner
Kavinsky/Dude_Ranch: Admin
Tierbrand: Coder

This server looks great! Been looking for a more difficult server. Vanilla Rust is way too easy now.

Had a quick update.

-Tweaked loot table
-Added/updated plugins
-Changed server title (What you see in Rust)
-Vehicles removed

Another update to the server

-Added/Updated plugins (Sticky Notes added)
-Changed server title, again (What you see in Rust)
-Vehicles implemented
-Getting ready for zombies to be taken out
-Removed Hardcore (Less appealing to players)
-Changed crafting speed to 0.3

Huge changes to Get Rusty

-Server is now Instacraft
-Removed Oxmin and added Basics & Flags
-Starter Kit is more giving
-Tweaked loot table (may tweak again)
-Changed server title to: [US] Custom Loot|Instacraft|PVP/SLP|BALANCED|RareMilitary&C4

Would love to have new players test our loot table. We believe we perfected it enough to where it’s very balanced between players. If you don’t think so, prove us wrong.

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Just would like to thank postal for changing the title again.