[US Dallas]Blindside[Pvp-SLP-1/2 Crft]C4 AirDrops Wipe 2/11/14

Blindside’s Rust Server Wipe 2/22/14
Server IP:

-Active Server(Friendly to new players)

  • PvP
  • Sleepers
  • 1/2 Craft
  • Starter Kit
  • Owner Removal
  • Death Messages
  • Door Sharing
  • Explosives Airdrop Only(Explosive charges looted from crates & can be crafted)
  • Airdrops @ 10 Players
  • Active Admins located in east, central and west time zones

Hope everyone enjoys! And good luck!



Server has been fun so far, if you need any help when you get in game just ask.

Pop is starting to take off, there were 20 online last night. Fun so far!

Anyone else stuck at connecting?

Server back up after a small restart.


Good server, fun times.


Awesome server woo.

Pop has stayed steady at around 15ish peeps during primetime hours during the week. Lots of PvP and fun, hope to get more people! Come check it out!


Bump again. 15 on, sounds like there is some fightin to be had.