[US]Dallas Blood Bank [PVP/SLP] Active Admin - No Abuse - Mature Gamers

We are an older (30’s) group of gamer’s looking for more mature (age and/or mentality) players to join our server and growing community.

We are helpful in chat to new players but active in PVP / Raiding so fair warning, this server isn’t for PVE, care-bears.

Server information:
Server Name: [US]Dallas Blood Bank PVP
IP Address: (F1) -> net.connect
100 Slots

Invite only Teamspeak for now but we have a public server and forums being setup for the community, server updates, events and hacker reports.

Basic rule set, it’s an adult theme game, so anything shy of griefing, hacking, and/or hate speech is acceptable

The server is back online after the outages today.