[US - Dallas] Ethos - PvP/Sleepers/Half Craft - Noob Friendly Brand New Server!

Server: [US - Dallas] Ethos - PvP/Sleepers/Half Craft
Server Info:
Location: Dallas, TX (Central)
Slots: 50
PvP/Sleepers: Enabled

How to connect: Press F1 at the main menu to open the console. Then copy “net.connect” (without the ") and paste it into the console and hit enter.

NO Admin Abuse
There will be ZERO admin abuse of any kind. The admins will NOT spawn in any types of items even for themselves. We made this server due to admin abuse on other servers and ruining the point of the game.

Contact Admins
Lektic, Knotai

Server Status
Server Started - 12/21/2013 10:33 PM CST
Server Name - [US - Dallas] Ethos - PvP/Sleepers/Half Craft

As of right now the server is very noob friendly but due to the nature of the game this will obviously change. The server is located in US central and is 100% lag free. Currently we only have 2 admins but we will be actively playing 8 hours of the day. If you cannot find us online feel free to message me here on the forums or add either admin on steam which was linked above. We also plan on providing a teamspeak server for users in the near future. Please come try us out!

Looking forward to playing with some of you!

Got some new people to join. Looking for some more!


This is a great server with fair admins, I’m glad I joined :rock:

We want to start running events soon. Need a couple of fresh players first though.

Still looking for new people!