[US - Dallas] Fe2O3 || Instacraft || Oxide (Custom Plugins!) || PvP

Are you looking for a server to start on? Look no further than Fe2O3! Our server was recently wiped on 1/15/14, and we are looking for new players to come join in our adventures! Here’s why you should pick us:

• Oxide
We run the Rust mod [thread=1340634]Oxide[/thread]. With it, we not only use popular plugins, but also develop our own plugins in an attempt to bring you the most entertaining server experience!

• Tracking
Want to hunt that sucker down that raided your base? Not a problem. With our custom made tracking plugin, you use your powerful hunting skills to track enemies by the direction they are from you.

• Door Sharing
Don’t worry about designing your base around multiple people. With door sharing, you can allow your friends to open all doors in your finely crafted establishment.

• Custom Crafting/Loot Tables
Hate getting your base exploded? Don’t we all. On our server, explosive charges can only be found on zombies or airdrops, which makes them more rare and therefore your base more secure.

• Private Messaging
Want to talk to your friends but hate using the Steam overlay? Use our simple pm system to figure out how you’re going to loot that base.

• Instacraft
We all hate waiting around to throw up a new base/house, so why should we? Enjoy the ease of instantly crafting anything to your hearts content.

• PvP with Sleepers
We offer the rarely seen option of PvP on our server, along with sleepers to increase the immersion.

• Active Admins
Our admins are on the server constantly and are willing to help with any issues you may have. Granted, some issues may be inappropriate for admin interaction to take place, so you’ll just have to figure out why the player named “Zombie” keeps killing you for no reason.

If you’re feeling pumped about joining the server after reading all of that, that’s great! But here are a few rules you need to know before jumping in head first:

1. Absolutely NO griefing.
This involves breaking into someone’s house and destroying their property for no reason. Blow a wall, take what you want, get out. Anything more may constitute administrative action.

2. No spamming mic/global chat.
Players caught doing either will be subject to administrative action, no matter how good their rendition of I’m a Barbie Girl is.

3. No cheating.
This one’s a no-brainer and an ultimate fun killer. Simply don’t use any third party programs that give you an edge over other players in the game.

And that’s it! Phew. Alright, now that the formalities are out of the way, here’s how to connect to the server:

Start up rust and open your console by pressing “F1”. Then copy paste this line and hit enter:

Hope you enjoy playing on Fe2O3!

Awesome server. The tracking feature puts a cool twist on the game. By typing /track “player name” gives the cardinal direction of that person in reference to your location.

Need some more people in here!