[US Dallas Location] NFO-DFW [PvP, Doorshare, Active Admins, Sleepers On]

Server Information: Wiped fresh 1/21

Located in Dallas for middle of the road players whether on West or East coast.
NFO-DFW [PvP, Doorshare, Active Admins, Sleepers On]
IP =
Connect directly by pressing F1 to bring down the console and type net.connect


We have a group of very trusty worthy and reliable admins that are constantly on and helping with peoples needs or there to help resolve a situation if something may arise. So please feel free to ask to speak to an admin while playing if you have a question. We want to make our server a enjoyable and fun environment to play on.

100 man server.
PvP server but new players to Rust are helped substantially. This doesn’t mean we are going to hold your hand just means our admins will be there to help you get you started the rest is on you. We don’t mind giving out freebies every once in a while just don’t abuse it.



type in /help while in the server to see the list of commands to help you out and get you on your way.

Starter Pack:

Once in game type in /starter to get your very generous starter kit.

Sleeping Bag
Bandage x5
Wood x250
Hunting Bow
Arrow x10
Raw Chicken Breast x5

Door Share

  • Allows players to use the commands; /share (player) & /unshare (player) to allow other players access to all of their doors! No more complicated bases!

We hope to see you soon!