[US] Dallas Modded | PVP | Economy | CheatPunch | Restricted Admins

Mission: To create a competitive, challenging and fun server with a strong loyal player base.

This server was formed and paid for by a group of players who were fed up with servers ran by corrupt admins and hackers.

We currently peak at 25ish players and are seeking more. The server started on 2/19 and has plenty of land up for grab.

We currently run Oxide with Oxmin, MOTD and Economy.

Admins are restricted to Kick and Ban in order to eliminate any potential admin abuse.

We currently have 4 admins including myself, which allows us to monitor the server constantly. The server is also monitored remotely from my work desk during daytime hours.

Please join us by finding us on the server list or using the console command: net.connect ustx70.playrust.eu:28005