[US Dallas] Oxide/Teleport/Economy/Sleeper/PVP/Doorshare Wiped 1/24

Hello, I welcome everyone to come check out this server.

All mods are community suggestions, anything the majority of players want will be added.


**-Economy Mode: Earn cash by hunting animals and zombies. Use /ehelp for options in game. You gain 50% of a player’s cash by killing them.
-Door sharing
-New players get 3 teleports every 24 hours to easily find your friends
-PVP mode
-Half Crafting Time
-Sleepers activated
-Starter kit
-Group chat: Create your own chat room in game with /gcreate
-Private messaging available using /pm “name”
-Air drop with 5 player minimum
-Admins are friendly and active; Admins abusing players will never be tolerated.

Make a mistake on your structure? Hit it your own foundations, pillars, ect to destroy them.

–Thunder Dome Arena–
Fight for Prizes or Get Revenge!**



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Played on this server earlier today, its fairly new but the admins are active and aren’t abusive.