US Dallas/Rust ++/PVP/Sleepers/Active Admins/Wiped 3/1

:radioactive::radioactive::radioactive::radioactive::radioactive: Rust server wiped 3/1/2014 :radioactive::radioactive::radioactive::radioactive::radioactive:


How to join server?
Press F1 to get console and type:

We’re a survival community server that enjoys such fun activities as:

:radioactive: PVP!
:radioactive: Raiding!
:radioactive: Building!
:radioactive: Meeting new people!
:radioactive:Finding new ways to have fun!

Our server only has a few simple rules:

:radioactive: No Hacking
:radioactive: No Griefing
:radioactive: No Admin abuse

Server Rust ++ Features:

:radioactive:Door sharing
:radioactive:Voice notifications
:radioactive:Broadcast PvP death messages
:radioactive:Chat history
:radioactive:Destructible shelters, ceilings, pillars & foundation
:radioactive:Kick/ban system
:radioactive:Mutable players
:radioactive:Player list & online count
:radioactive:Private messaging system
:radioactive:Friend system
:radioactive:Starter kits
:radioactive:Message of the day
:radioactive:Server notices
:radioactive:Player join/leave notices
:radioactive:Admin announcements
:radioactive:Display location coordinates & ping