[US, Dallas] Salty Wounds [PVP, No Sleepers, Active Admins, No Admin Abuse, 1/2 Craft Time, New]

Welcome to Salty Wounds! We are a brand new server that aims to have as much fun as possible. How you ask?

No wipes!
Currently low population (average ~6 people on at a time)!
Friendly community (I have yet to kill a person!)
Active Admins!
No air drop spam/admin abuse! We have random airdrops when we are above 10 players.
Random loot boxes all over the world (I crafted 20 boxes today and filled them with random starter gear and hid them all over the map, will make more after I gather materials!)
No lag! Not a single instance of rubberbanding yet!

Join us by hitting F1 and pasting this in: