[US-Dallas] TimetoKill.net - Dallas | PvP | Sleeper | /Share | 25% Craft | No Decay | Oxide | Air drops @ 10 players online | Wiped 1/24 | Noob Friendly

TimetoKill.net is a gaming community that strives for a fun, no-hassle gaming experience. We actually have other servers on CS:GO, CS:S, L4D2, Minecraft, & Starbound, but Rust is our newest venture.
Join us on our forums and TeamSpeak(voice.timetokill.net/nomnomnom) to become part of the community @ TimetoKill.net =)

Dallas, Texas
Friendly Admins
Oxide Mod
Door Sharing (Although becoming unnecessary with new Door Codes)
25% Craft
No Decay
Air Drops
10 players online
Last Wiped 01/24/14
Survival (Low C4 & Blueprints)

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))