[US]Dallas-Wipe 2/9|PVP|Slp|Kit|Econ|Wipe|AD@5|50%Craft|Doorshare

New Oxide Server- [US]Dallas looking for new players
NEW FPS Server-[US]Dallas-Wipe 2/9|PVP|Slp|Kit|Econ|Wipe|AD@5|50%Craft|Doorshare


New server with a few players, would love to see this population grow and add some fun and interesting competition.

At this moment we have:

-Active Admins
-Half Craft
-Sleepers ON
-Starter Kit with Hatchet and Pants
-Economy Mod with various basic items availabale with ingame currency earned through activities and play time.
-Private Messaging
-Teleport up to 3 times per day
-Airdrops set for 5 players will be adjusted according to population growth
-Owner Removal Mod with pickaxe Mod (Remove mistakes on your own building only)

I am trying to create a fun and competitive server, with no rules and I will adjust various elements of the game as necessary to ensure fair competition, including things like drop rates etc. I will not let this become a server where one group is always dominating every player in the server. To that end, admin abuse is also not tolerated.

Server wipes will only occur when absolutely necessary, since I like people to be able to keep what they’ve worked for.

The server runs 24/7, and there is a Steam group where any problems can be reported and dealt with swiftly.