[US] DaM Gaming Rust Server [Rust++][Noob friendly][Sleepers][PVP][Brand New]

DaM Gaming server thread!

Server Name: DaM Gaming Rust Server (Noob Friendly, Uses Rust++)

To join: Press F1
Copy and Paste “net.connect” In the console and without the quotations

About the server
We have 3 admins that will not use their power as an advantage to themselves or others
and they will only use them to ban hackers and abusers. Because Rust is a post apocalyptic game, it will act
as such. So, if you want to be a bandit or form a group of bandits, go ahead! If you want to be
the kind of person or group of people to help others, that’s okay too!

-50 Slots (May add more in the future)
-Door Sharing and Friends list
-Airdrops will come soon

Additional Plans and info
As the owner of the server, I have a couple plans to add to the server.
I plan to make random shacks/buildings hidden in places on the map at complete random,
depending on what the building is made of will, determine the loot type inside.
Example: A wood shack with a wooden door could have a small amount of ammo, food, certain leather armor, and a health kit.
Airdrops will be added as soon as possible and to contact an admin, you can make a post on our subreddit here: http://www.reddit.com/r/DaMGaming/.
If you have other ideas let me know here, I’ll try my best to see what I can do.
Updates will be posted here or on our Subreddit.
Finally, Join the server and let me know what you think of it. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for checking out the post/server, I’ll see you in the wasteland.


Feb 6 2014-Server has been updated to the February 6th Update, will not use locked backpacks.