[US] DANGER ZONE [Door Share][1/2 Craft][Limited Weapons][PVP/Sleepers][Wiped 1/7]

Me and my group are currently running a Oxide server we like to call “Danger Zone”.


Teamspeak3 IP:

Running Since: 12/28/13
Last Wipe was: 1/7/14

In the “Danger Zone” you will find:
-Door Sharing
-Limited Weapon Crafting/Drops
-1/2 Crafting Time
-Active Admins
-Open Teamspeak3

Door Sharing
-No more building 20 doors in your structure for everyone to be able to enter.
-Type in /share “NAME” and whoever that lucky person is, they will have access to your doors.

Limited Weapons
-Military Weapons can only be found on airdrops, crates, or zombies.
-No crafting of military weapons except the F1 Frag Grenade.
-C4 Can only be found, not crafted.
-Craft-able weapons include the Handcannon, Pipe Shotgun, and Bolt Action.

1/2 Crafting Time
-Enjoy building a little bit more. We know your time is valuable so why not spend more of it creating and not sitting around.

-This game is all about survival of the fittest and we completely agree.
-All PVP is allowed all the time. With limited weapons it becomes a little bit more challenging though.
-Sleepers are always on so make sure your safe before you log off.

Active Admins
-With several admins there is almost always one to be found either in game or in TeamSpeak.
-Oxide allows for different admin levels so Admin abuse is not to be an issue.

TeamSpeak3 Server
-Want to make some new friends in the server? Hop on the TeamSpeak
-There are plenty of open channels for you to go into with other survivors and if you would like something more private let us know.

Hey, sup?

Sorry to bother, but I just wanted to ask what happened to the server. I was playing last night with Death&Taxes, and a few others, and this morning the server seems to be up, but I can’t log in. :S