[US] DBGaming.net - Noob Friendly - 1/2 Craft/Air Drops/Sharing/Friendly+Active Admins/Active Development

My community is popular for releasing well made and well managed servers. We value our players and have a very high standard for what we release.

It’s a new server and we have a great community if you’d like to join up and become part of it.

Here’s the server information:

To join, open the console and enter ‘net.connect ustx250.playrust.eu:28030’ without the quotes.
Admins: Aaron, Mr. FunnyF#cker, Larz (More responsible/friendly admins coming soon!)
Developer: Okei

Features: Oxide, 1/2 Craft, Sleeper, Airdrops (5 People Minimum), Door Share, Chat History (/history in chat), Starter Kit (/kit starter in console)

Coming Soon:
Auto-VIP System
Admin-CP to help us manage players more efficiently
Player List
Economy/Trading System
Quest System
And much more! Request more features at our website! (http://dbgaming.net)

Great Server and Great Community :wink:

Highly Recomend it to any new Rust players!

Great server and Great Community

I recommend to all players!

Why is this server so addicting? xD
I’ve been playing for hours everyday!

I mean… i’m not complaining, but thanks for hosting it haha ^.^

Thanks for the recommendations guys :slight_smile:

great community and really fun
(better than other servers)

I hope you guys enjoy the server!
We are doing our best to have admins on 24/7.
Feel free to add me on steam: Mr. FunnyF#cker if you have any questions.

Thanks for joining guys!


Too fun can’t wait for all the new features that will be added soon!

Yea Boy! I have been having a blast playing on the server so far! I cannot imagine what it will be like when these mods are added!

BEST SERVER EVER already got a huge base and the addons are looking good

Great server.

Awesome server, looking forward to the economy/ trading aspect!