[US] Death Match Arena in Boxxy Gaming Server 9PM EST ~ Air Drop Prize ~ Don't Miss It !

Server Address:

-Prior to the game, everyone will be given a room with a large wooden storage crate. In the crate you will find a Bow, 20 arrows, Cloth Armor, 5 Cooked Chicken Breast, 2 Bandages, and a Torch - the ONLY things you will be allowed to enter the arena with. You will also receive a metal door to place on the room, and a sleeping bag to place down in that room.

-After that you are given 15 seconds to go into the arena(which is filled with bears, wolves, resources and multiple other people that want to kill you.

-Once 15 seconds have passed, you are then to try to be the last man standing.

-Winner will receive a supply signal that they can claim to themselves in the arena.

I’d like to start running these a couple times a week if this one is a success. Hope to see you there!
If you have any questions, I will be in TeamSpeak:

This is an event you will NOT want to miss!