[US][Dedicated Host][Oxide][No wipes][RareMilitary][PvP] Read for more info!

Welcome and thanks for showing interest in our new server. We’ve personally tried three Rust server providers before deciding we found the best, most reliable one. Our server provides some really great features along with myself working on a few plugins that will be available only here. We are currently working on modified grouping system that will let you tell apart who is in your group and who is not. Our community right now has roughly 10 admins. Between all of them only 2 are full admins with access to all commands. All admins are required to not be known. They will take action when needed to but they will do so silently. This will reduce favoritism and “abuse” remarks. Our admins only have access to a few commands which is all they need to provide a safe, secure server. Please look below for some specific details.

Server Info
Door Sharing
Rare Military weapons and C4
Instant Crafting
Airdrop @15+ players (Subject to change if we upgrade server slots)
50 Slot server (We might upgrade to 100, it is undecided. Would like more map developement first)
Group chat (Group recognition very soon)
Chat History
Personal Message system
100% Wipe Free (Unless Rust update breaks previous saved map/player inventories)
…More to come…

We are proud to have 100% Hand written loot tables. We have spent countless hours testing and making our custom loot tables for the perfect real life survivalist Rust feel. Dont be fooled by other servers saying “Custom loot tables”. Usually they just turn stuff off or bump stuff up. Our loot has been written from scratch and tested and logged for over 72 hours to provide that perfect gameplay!

Some Loot/Crafting info
Kevlar chances are slightly lower than default Rust values.
Metal building parts are restricted to only chest and airdrop loot.
C4 and military weapons are uncraftable.
Military weapons (9mm Pistol and up) All drop from zombies and chest. Chance’s vary between 1% - 8%.
The main source of C4 is from Airdrops. Max you can receive from one airdrop is 4 while 0 being the lowest.
C4 Has roughly a .8% chance from dropping off zombies and lootable chest.
This means you would have to kill and loot about 120 zombies/chest to receive C4. (Subject to change)

Have you decided to give our server a try?
Please dont hesitate to check us out!.
You wont regret it!

Just press F1 while at the Rust menu and type net.connect

Already try our server and love it? Please help us grow by voting for us here
Goodluck! Survival of the fittest starts NOW!

01/16/14 Updates
Setup hourly backups to remote cloud
Updated PM system
Minor loot changes
Removed Kevlar blueprints all together. Zombies have a rare chance to drop Kevlar.
Moved 9mm and P250 from Military drop list and into WeaponList making them less rare.

01/17/14 Updates
Achievement plugin almost finished. Admin only right now for testing
Loot changes
Added an “ExtraRareItem” loot table that is extremely rare. Something like .2% chance or less…Contains C4 and supply signal along with some other common items to ensure C4 and supply signals are extremely hard to get from zombies. (This is in testing)
Added Spike Wall and Large Spike Wall to crate loot.
Ammo/Weapon loot - Chances slightly increased (crates and zombies).
Leather armor - Chances slightly increased. (crates)
Hatchet/Pickaxe - Chances slightly decreased. (crates and zombies)

Great server so far, I can’t wait for more people to start playing on it.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m doing everything I can to draw more people to our server. Hopefully we’ll be expanding within a few weeks if people keep coming in. :dance:

Yea, great server. Loving the rare weapons and rare C4. Can’t wait till more people get on so we can have some fun player interaction (yes, raiding is part of that!).

Thanks for the positive feedback Paha! Lets hope more people keep joining. Someone needs to stand up to your clan! Challenge accepted anyone?

Took long enough but it seems I finally found a server I want to call home. Friendly people to chat with, rather amazing balance work with drops thus far and a server that you can feel the effort that went into it; certainly makes this one a must try.

Haha n3ko 300 hours later and you finally found a server you want to call home! I’m overly excited that you feel this way about our server. Thanks for all the support. :smile:

Late night bump, I want people to chat with and hunt down.

Bumping, got some people online now that would love new members to the server community.

It’s been fun today with more people. Lot’s of home defending I got to do!

Tons and tons of updates!
Added /remove to remove unwanted props such as pillars and foundations!
Added /ping to check your ping
Added /coords to check your coordinates
Added updated group system. Can enable/disable friendly fire!
Added /news and /rules for more info on the server
Added /stats which keeps tracks of kill/deaths along with a top 10 ranking board!

More to come!

Bump, quiet day. Could use more people to chat with :smiley: