[US]Defiance|Oxide|Friendly|Missions|Kits|Reduced Craft|NO Durability Fresh 4/13/14


Server Wiped! 05/09/2014


New IP: net.connect

Basic Settings
~ Longer days/shorter nights.
~ No durability loss
~ Craftime is set at “.15”
~ No Fall Damage
~ Sleepers

Server Runs Oxide MOD with the following MODS

~ ANTI CHEAT/HACKING MODS (reports and auto bans)
~ Auto Kit (Spawn with 9mm, Ammo, Food - 5 Min. Delay)
~ Location Tracking through Http://RustNuts.com (Allows you to view your location in almost Real Time
~ DoorShare (Allows you to share your doors with Friends/GroupMates)
~ Modified Rusty Hatchet Loot Table (Get end game gear mainly from airdrops) (C4 is craftable but not researchable - You have to find the BP)
~ 2 Kits
~ FPS Booster
~ Groups
~ Home Teleporting (You may set 3 home locations - uses in game money)
~ Remove Tool (gives you the option to /remove misplaced items - Has timer on it - PVP auto turn off - Prevents floating bases)
~ Death Handler (Shows who killed who and with what)
~ BaseAlarm (Notifies the owner his/her base is under attack)
~ Recycler (Allows you to recycle unused/wanted items in game for their basic materials)
~ DoorRemoteControl (Hate opening and closing your doors when you enter/leave your base - Use /doorclose or /dooropen to open/close them all)
~ Missions (Very basic at the moment, going to add more - Kill stuff you get rewards)
~ Recovery Arrows (Allows you a chance to recover arrows after killing animals)
~ Teleport requests (Teleport to your friends or others)
~ Chat Filter (Keeps the chat clear from unwanted words)
~ Reward system (Vote for use on TopRustServers.com - Use /reward to get supply signal or wood planks)
~ Private Messaging

-No hacking/cheating or using exploits of any kind. You will be caught (Suspected Hackers/Cheaters in post #3)
-No Griefing (Do not block doors so players are stuck.)
-No Spamming Chat
-No Screaming in voice chat (Lags Server)


This server is great. Really enjoying it so far! Come join, we need more players.

Caught or suspected hackers/cheaters!

Username: The Reyimu (Steam ID: 76561198119518388)
User Connected: The Reyimu (76561198119518388)
[Oxide] ‘The Reyimu’ (STEAM_0:0:79626330) ran command '/help ’
[Oxide] The Reyimu: Hello
[CHAT] “The Reyimu”:“Hello”
[Oxide] SeeRed15: hey
[CHAT] “SeeRed15”:“hey”
[Oxide] The Reyimu: me?
[CHAT] “The Reyimu”:“me?”
[Oxide] SeeRed15: idk you said hello lol
[CHAT] “SeeRed15”:“idk you said hello lol”
[Oxide] The Reyimu: hi
[CHAT] “The Reyimu”:“hi”
[Oxide] User “SeeRed15” disconnected with SteamID ‘**********’
User Disconnected: SeeRed15
[Oxide] 1398874698-01: .:: RUNNER: [STEAM_0:0:79626330]The Reyimu moved too fast 12 in a second. Should be 8
[Oxide] 1398874708-02: .:: RUNNER: [STEAM_0:0:79626330]The Reyimu moved too fast 13.2 in a second. Should be 8
[Oxide] 1398874718-03: .:: RUNNER: [STEAM_0:0:79626330]The Reyimu moved too fast 16.78 in a second. Should be 8
[Oxide] 1398874718-03: .:: RUNNER: [STEAM_0:0:79626330]The Reyimu jumped 5.76 in a second. Should be 4
[Oxide] 1398874728-04: .:: RUNNER: [STEAM_0:0:79626330]The Reyimu moved too fast 18.28 in a second. Should be 8

> say "You hacking Reyimu"
command global.say was executed
[Oxide] User “The Reyimu” disconnected with SteamID ‘STEAM_0:0:79626330’
User Disconnected: The Reyimu

Adjusted the auto kit and loot table some more. Cannot Research research kits! Check us out!

I have been adjusting things according to the people playing on the server. Find a MOD you don’t like/want it changed/removed? Add a mod? Let me know, we can discuss changing it.

Gaining more people everyday! Come join us. It’s been a blast playing on this server.

Server is amazing! Only the best from Eotakk. Wolves are almost life like. You think I’m joking, come try it out and see. I may be telling the truth, you never know!

this is a very good server and i would enjoy seeing more people. but other than popularity it is the best server i have played

Server seems to be taking a MORE PVE route, with some pvp here and their. We will be adjusting the Missions to make them more interesting. Come check us out!

**** NOTICE **** We had to change the port address to 28020 Please take NOTE!

Happy Easter!

Happy 4/20. Great server. Growing in people. Have a great variety of fun players. Everyone is getting a long, no whiners. Really nice server so far!! handsome admin too. :slight_smile:

4/20 see we got interested people on this server! Just remember, never listen to superstar brian, he’s crazy. Admin also has a thing for one of the players (lil creepy but what you gonna do, it’s rust! Kidding Eotakk I love you!). Now go enjoy yourself kids cause this is a fun server. Did I mention it’s 4/20? Ohh and Easter!

Added Economy MOD, going to be switching to a player run market Soon. Also considering adding TP requests

Had a good Easter, playing RUST!

Edited the First Post to detail more things (Added TP requests/and a MOD to report players if admin is not online) Check us out!

Admin added some cool stuff today. This server is awesome!

As gift to our server players, I have added a bunch of random boxes all over the map with Loot inside. See how many u can find!

What?! I didn’t know you added those. Dang it. Oh well. I have no walls again. Time to gather wood. LOL