Server Wiped! 06/03/2014

Our past server: Check post #3 below!


Basic Settings
~ Longer days/shorter nights.
~ No durability loss
~ Craftime is set at “.15”
~ No Fall Damage
~ Sleepers

Server Runs Oxide MOD with the following MODS

~ ANTI CHEAT/HACKING MODS (reports and auto bans)
~ Auto Kit (Spawn with random items)
~ Location Tracking through Http://RustNuts.com (Allows you to view your location in almost Real Time
~ Modified Loot Table (Get end game gear mainly from airdrops) (C4 is craftable but not researchable - You have to find the BP)
~ 3 Kits (starter/signal/house)
~ FPS Booster
~ Groups
~ Home Teleporting (You may set 2 home locations - uses in game money)
~ Remove Tool (gives you the option to /remove misplaced items - Has timer on it - PVP auto turn off - Prevents floating bases)
~ Death Handler (Shows who killed who and with what)
~ Recycler (Allows you to recycle unused/wanted items in game for their basic materials - Uses “Recycle Kits” dropped ingame)
~ Recover Arrows (Allows you a chance to recover arrows after killing animals)
~ Teleport requests (Teleport to your friends or others)
~ Reward system (Vote for use on TopRustServers.com - Use /reward to get supply signal or wood planks)
~ Private Messaging

-No hacking/cheating or using exploits of any kind. You will be caught (Suspected Hackers/Cheaters in post #3)
-No Griefing (Do not block doors so players are stuck.)
-No Spamming Chat
-No Screaming in voice chat (Lags Server)


Great server. Good admin. Fun players. Newbies to experienced. Had 10-15 people on tonight. Woot! Good times.


Our past server: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1385866 Had to leave HFBservers.com (they no good)


Updated Loot table and fixed some minor issues.

Steady server population. Check us out! Wiped on monday this week, but still room to play!

Fixed minor problems with the server! come check us out!

Only the dead have seen the end of war! -Plato

Friendly bump

Hey eotakk. How goes the server?

im back

welcome back

New Server Provider, New MODS, Fresh Start!

Come check us out!

I think the new host has solved server issues.

New Loot Table that drops BP’s. Alot of end game items are unresearchable but craftable only when you find the blue print. Mainly find them from red animals and high chance in supply drops.

This will hopefully extend the gameplay a bit.

Try it out!

I think the loot table really got nerfed. Before you had a chance to find supply signals, low quanties of explosives, since you cant craft it.

Uncooked chicken should never be a drop from a red animal. getting 1 sulfur from air drops is a morale killer. I seem to notice you went from the extreme on the last server of everyone having too much c4, to being lucky if 1-3 pcs of explosives drops in air drops. Which since the loot update I used 3 supply signals last night(1 reward, 1 i looted from a sleeper, and 1 i bought from farming so much). Results as follows: 9 air drops, no explosives chances what so ever. I have gotten planks, 1 sulfur, some uncooked chicken, luckily a m4 bp, the m4 gun, the bolt, more planks, 1 pc of metal fragment, and some gun mods, but only 1 per crate.

Loot tables have been adjusted again, adjusting to many of the problems suggested in post above!