[US] -=DGS=- Open Community Server - NOOB PROTECTION|Door Share|Econ|Instacraft|Lots More


Hello, I am an admin of DGS(Deluxe Gaming Society) we have added a rust server to our multitude of hosted games and we want to share it with all of you

**Here are some of the features:

*Noob Protection - You have 30 minutes to get your head straight - If you attack another player, or there objects your noob protection will disappear.
*Antidecay - Your structures will no longer decay and disappear!
*Door Share - You can share your doors with your friends!
*Basic Economy - You can buy resources,weapons, and sell resources and weapons
*Nudity Is On - Hang out With Your Fellow Nudies
*Remove Tool - You Can Remove Your Placed Objects - Whoever places the foundation can delete whatever is placed on it no matter who places the other objects
*Oxmin Admin - Our Admins are equipped with this mod to stop hackers in there tracks
*PM - You can private message your friends!
*Raffle - We will have in game raffles for certain objects!
*Autosave - Your stuff is saved automatically so no roll backs will occur!
TP - You can TP to your buddies!
Votekick - You can vote kick those pesky cheaters to improve your game play!

**We will be adding more, we would just like the communities feedback.

You can come to our website: deluxegamingsociety.com and check us out or you can join our server at this IP:**

When you loadup in game click F1 at the main rust menu and type


**Then you should direct connect!

Hope to see you all on there!**