[US] - Dirty Bastards -[PvP]- [Sleepers] [ZER0 Abuse] 2013.31.12

[US] - Dirty Bastards -[PvP]- [Sleepers] [ZER0 Abuse] 1/1/2014

net.connect Up and Running, 2013.12.31

We are a new group of 3 players starting with a fresh server we are sick of the hackers and the servers with admins having everything in the game on launch, rolling back the server cause they got raided and being completely and utterly dependent on there admin powers to play the game.

Do what ever you want in this server, Raid, PvP, PvE keep to yourself join a group bring your friends make it your home. This server will be up to date everyday and hackers will be dealt with accordingly. This server will not be wiped unless it has to be wiped. Upon the post of this topic it will be a 100% Fresh server and you will not see a massive admin built base on launch because we play legit and we expect you all to do the same.
That said. Have fun Enjoy yourself. Make the Dirty Bastards server your home. Hope to see you in the game guys!

Our Server Guarantee:
#1 No Admin Abuse
#2 No Admin Powers. Admin will be used strictly for banning hackers only.
#3 No Bullshit Our server will be guaranteed 100% admin free unless hackers are present
#4 We Will Start Fresh Just like you will start fresh, There will be no free items for any player or any admins everything will be earned the PROPER WAY
#5 100% No BS Hackers can be reported directly through steam tiktoc.ca or on here.

It’s completely new with active players, great for those who want a fresh start.

How many slots?

50 slots.

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Running 100% smooth!

bump need more players, fresh server.

Servers still fresh !

Need some more active players to call home.

wooo getting more players