(US) DoseofDopeness NEW ARENA(pics)/Sleepers/Instacraft/PvP/ActiveAdmins/Doorshare

Hello everyone, Kaydonian here. I’ve been working on a big project lately, the arena. There will be tournaments held weekly, included in these tournaments may be prizes, but that’ll be later on and for the server population to decide. The rules and whatnot will be posted later on, for now I’ll leave some pictures and let your minds wander with the idea. The server that this will be on is a Dose of Dopeness. Just hit F1 and type “net.connect”. Keep in mind, all of these different pictures are part of 1 huge arena.

http://imgur.com/a/Jk45X PHOTOS HERE

We operate on the Rust++ Mod. All goodies included, doorshare, instacraft, kill feed, you name it. We’ve edited loot tables to make the game a tad bit more challenging.

Recently Wiped 1/22.

The goal here is to have 20-100 man free for all/team deathmatch/capture the flag maybe? somehow? haven’t put much thought into the ctf…
We currently have quite a few people that get on regularly, most are pretty chill and welcoming people. The server limit is 100, anything over that seems too crowded…

It’s gonna be sickkkk


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