[US] Duck Town - Oxide / PVP / InstaCraft / Kits / Better Durability / Airdrops / No Fall Damage / Door Share


Duck Town is a new server I’ve setup for the my friends in real life, for Rust players and the outside community. I have modded the server to make gameplay enjoyable, which makes new players easier to get started when they join.


Landmark command

  • This is good for users trying to find out where they are on the ‘rust_2013_map’ using /lm

No Fall Damage

  • Makes it easier to for people to play


  • Why waste a lot of time crafting?


  • Must be a minimum of 10 players online before airdrops happen.

Reduced Durability

  • Your weapons and armor last much longer then the original vanilla Rust.


  • Killing other players in enabled.


When you connect, you can use /kit starter every 20 minutes to help you survive the daily struggles with Rust, using the bare minimum. The kit contains

  • 1x bow
  • 10x chicken breast
  • 30x arrows
  • 1x flare
  • 1x cloth pants
  • 1x stone hatchet

Map of Rust

Here is the official map of Rust which every server uses currrently http://playrustwiki.com/images/6/62/Newbie_Navigation_2.2.jpg

IP/How to connect?

Type F1 and it should bring up the developer console. Then type


See you there, have fun! :slight_smile: