[US-E]Police v. Bandits|2/26|PVP|Slprs|CPunch|Drops10|1/2Craft|Plugins|Friendly! Be an Officer, Bandit, Vigilante, or Civilian!

**TL;DR: **A friendly server where KOS is VERY frowned upon, along with raiding, but both are allowed.
However, if you choose to take such an evil path, the police will have to step in and take action.
Police never receive admin aid and are simply volunteers who are dedicated to the server. You could be a Police officer
Police will also never grief you. They will simply, for a lack of better words, “put you in your place” once, if they can…
Come build a base while the concept is under way!

Server Settings
Airdrops at 10 players (currently)
C4 is craftable (working on lowering the drop rate from boxes/animals) PvP is on
The server is located in New York, USA. The GSP is HFBServers.com
Here’s the jist of Rules:

Raiding and banitry is okay. It will not get you banned/kicked/etc.
However, once we have the proper people and resources needed, a Police Department will be set up in game.
Their aim is to punish those who commit crimes in a severity justifiable to the criminal’s actions.
They are not there to grief bandits off the server, just provide some law to this lawless land. Police will not have admin privileges.
This being said, we do want to foster a nice, semi-noob friendly community.
So we are asking you to please refrain from KoS’ing and raiding so early in the server’s life. If you do, that’s okay, but you’ll be the first on the wanted list.
Plug-ins Installed:
History - type “/history”
Remover tool - type “/remove” to toggle on/off
Groups - type “/ghelp” to see associated commands
Player List - type “/players”
Doorshare - type: /share “player name” or /unshare “player name”
To be installed:
Events - TBD once the server’s basics are set up
Ping - typing “/ping” will tell you your ping
There are currently 2 admins. iarry and Funkydonuts, feel free to add us on steam. If you are having issues with the server, please contact one of us via steam or a PM to one of our Reddit accounts.
Comments & Suggestions
Please post on this subreddit any and all comments, suggestions, or just an introduction if you’d like. We intend for this server to change over time to cater to our community, so please speak up if you have any ideas!

Police Force
This is what will set this server apart from most servers. We will establish a volunteer based police force to combat raiders and bandits.
There will be HQ’s throughout the map, and hopefully we can find enough people to volunteer who can be on during all hours in shifts (multiple timezones).
“Police officers” will still be normal players (no godmode / admin stick / teleporting / etc.), and are expected to be friendly to all players with the exception of (unpunished) “Wanted Criminals.”
If the Police Department is after somebody, they would be expected to punish, but not grief, the offender. The punishment would vary in severity depending on the crime. E.G. KoS’ing, they get killed and their stuff is given back to the victim. Raiding, they’ll get their house raided - not destroyed - to an extent justifiable to their crime(s) and within the means of the Police Department.
Most basic plug-ins that improve gameplay will be installed. I.E. Oxmin, remove, history, groups, etc.
All plug-ins will take CPU usage into account, and we hope to keep it as vanilla as possible while still fixing some of the missing pieces of the game.
PvP will be on. So will sleepers. Raiding is discouraged, but not bannable. Killing on Sight is heavily discouraged, but still not bannable.
Craftable, but the drop rates from boxes/animals will be lowered. Explosives only obtainable from air drops.
Not tolerated, cheatpunch will be on. Perma ban upon being caught.
Griefing will get you a warning or two before a ban depending on severity.
There really shouldn’t be much base griefing since players will have access to /remove, but if someone goes out of the way to do it admins can take action according to our rules.
New Players / Noobs
We would like our server to be semi-noob friendly, but not coddle them.
They should be able to experience Rust in it’s current state, but not be taken advantage of.
We will try to elect enough diverse admins to be available at all hours, whether it’s via in-game or Steam, without having too many.
They will be seperate from the Police force, and are essentially there to help with issues such as a hackers. We can hopefully limit the non-owner admin’s commands without hindering their ability to effectively deal with issues.
Admin abuse is a big issue on many servers, so it will be monitored via the server console by my friend and myself. If the community wishes we can try to arrange for the logs to be posted somewhere public in case players feel cheated. It will not be tolerated.
We would love to hold events at convenient hours for people, and would appreciate suggestions for some events.
We have some in mind already that I think people would like, and I haven’t seen on other servers.
Air drop requirements will be based off our server population, aiming for around 1/2 of peak players, frequency per day once at the requirement would depend on server size as well.
Crafting speed will most likely be 1/2, although it is up for discussion. Personally my friend and I are not for instacraft, and we think 1/2 craft with the workbench is acceptable.
We will only the wipe the server if it’s mandatory from the Rust devs or forced by the GSP.
If this thing does get going, we will set up a subreddit for discussion, suggestions, introductions, questions, rules, etc. We want this to be community driven.
We would accept donations for server time and labor, but no kits or privileges would be given as a result.
All the details aren’t fleshed out, so we can definitely use some input. None of this is set in stone, so we want to hear what you guys have to say.
We intend to be as community driven as possible, and wouldn’t make any major changes without a vote and discussion.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. I left your first thread unlocked, use that when you get unbanned." - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. I left your first thread unlocked, use that when you get unbanned. Also don't make alt accounts." - postal))

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