US East 1, Is it down?

I was getting raided and then I logged out after I died. I could not get back into the server because it is not on the list. What is happening?

Apparently all of the Official US servers aren’t showing up in the browser. They might be being restarted or something though.

Any idea when the server is going to be up and running? its been down since 8pm last night

Appears to be down … on the plus side, you can’t get raided while the server is down.

It’s been down for over 12 hours at this point. Haven’t heard a word about when it might possibly return.

I have noticed whoever manages the US East and UK servers are late as hell about restating them.

They were lagging and rubber banding hardcore last night around 1am. I got dc 3 times and it took 45 min to do a 10 min walk. It was horrible last night.

I haven’t seen it online since the last patch. I don’t wanna start all over right now, so I hope they fix/address it soon.

I made the mistake of thinking I could sneak into my shelter and pressed E right as the server crashed…the open icon disappeared too. Pretty sure I just gave free reign to hours of gathering. Sigh even an ETA estimate would be enough so I’m not leaving the door open for 12 hours.

From what I’ve heard they shut down/reset US East servers because of the terribly bad rubberbanding and lag issues. I spent a good 20 hours on my base. I really hope that the servers won’t be wiped, or at the very least structures will be wiped and we’ll keep crafting recipes.

What is your source?

Is there any official word on these servers?

People are getting banned for asking which is quite ridiculous IMO, we’ve paid for a game that we’re unable to play now and would like to know why, it’s been over 24 hours and nothing from a mod or dev has said why.

Sure you could say go play on another server but, my friends and I have put in a lot of time and effort into building our base and gathering resources and such, i’m not going to go restart that temporarily while a server is down, and I know they’ll be wiped again at some point but that isn’t the same thing.

Official Server’s are laggy, check out this community server

[US-East] Bring the Rukkus!! [PvP Econ = Signal Supply]
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