US East 1 Official - ???????????????!

this server keeps getting wiped of all buildings – yet leaves all the blueprints and inventory of players (twice in last few days)

within an hour or two after wipe theres always some group thats building some rediculous structure (first time it was a 4x4 tower that was 50 stories tall literally… 2nd time it was a 24x24 metal foundation fortress…)

at the same time 90% of people are running as fresh spawns and getting put down by dudes in full kevlar with silenced weapons (i’m one or the other)

i understand that many of the individual issues are actively being remedied – and i’m loving on the game and looking forward to what the future holds for it –

but i can’t understand the motives for these half-wipes – they seem to be actively encouraging people to hoard stuff in inventory to get a lead on the random wipe

my assumption is that the wipes were accidental – if it was the result of patching then the wipes would be seen more universally across servers

due to all the shenanigans that’s been going on lately… this is truly a trivial issue in many regards – but in case whoevers managing East 1 Official was unaware that they had been wiping just the buildings and leaving the inventories and blueprints (character data?) intact… i feel obligated to say something

i genuinely believe that this half-wipe method contributes significantly to the disproportion of power – which is pretty discouraging… and i think detracts from the potential fun available

(300 hrs played)