[US East] 2/7 Kings! PvP/Sleepers/Low Ping/No Mods/Active Admins

Hello Everyone!

Tired of dealing with abusive admins, constant hackers, and mysterious wipes? Come play on our 2/7 fresh server. You will NEVER be banned for things that are a part of the game. For example, raid an admins house and get all their resources? They have to deal with it just like everyone else. We also confer with each other before banning, and make 100% sure that the person in question is indeed hacking. In addition, our server features an appeals Email address in case you feel you were unfairly banned.

Active Admins
Door Sharing
DDOS protection
100 Slots
Airdrops at 35 players
Noob friendly

Chat history and private messaging will be added as soon as Oxide is updated.

To join now hit F1 and paste

Appeals email: kings.banappeal@gmail.com

We are all silly goose turtles.