US East - 420 Rustanoid Hosted by : PvP Yes : N00bs Welcome! : Admins Yes! : Rust++ Yes : Family style community!

Hey everyone,
I’d like to ask you to come join our new Rust server! Just opened for biddness on 2/29 which was 1 day after I started playing the game. We’ve got a new community of very active older gamers 35+ years of age and treat each other like family… Like punk ass brothers who like to slap each other around kinda family. We’d love to have ya around and even love to have ya show us some of the ins and outs of rust! Like I said we’re very new Rust but we’re picking it up quickly and enjoy a good lesson by fire.

We’d love to have you come down.

As far as setting so far.

I have this so far:

50 Slots (Do you really need 500?)
Longer Days
PvP Is on to stay as we’re all from pvp heavy backgrounds
airdrops on
slow decay rates right now but will probably increase them a bit

We have a fairly new, just starting out message board you can visit to say hey and become a part of the new community.