[US EAST] Athermation | Oxide| PvP | New Players Welcome | Friendly Admins | No Abuse or Hackers tolerated | .25 Craft - No Craft C4,M4,BA,Kevlar | Custom Loot Lists | Sleepers

Welcome to Athermation
To connect: Hit f1 and type: net.connect

This is a PvP Server
This is a PvP Server, but with that said we discourage killing nudies as soon as they join the server. Since we are currently a pretty small community we know who is new and try to give them a little time to get started before the fun begins. It’s no challenge killing a nudie who just started, so why even do it?

Our Server Admins
This server is run by a group of adults who want to provide a hacker free and admin corruption free experience server. After playing on several servers where admins would spam airdrops, give items to friends, or not be around to ban hackers, we decided to start our own server where we can monitor the server ourselves and provide a fun unspoiled experience for the players.

Most admins you will not even notice they are admins as they are just like a regular player with the ability /kick /ban any hackers and use their admin tools only to investigate a suspected hacker. Admins will not teleport players upon request, or give out items to players or themselves. Aside from monitoring the server, they are just regular players.

We are running OXIDE!
We have several Oxide mods installed, and a customized loot table that will give you a much more satisfying experience while out gathering loot. Oxide Plugins:
Loot Spawn Lists : Fully customized loot tables
Oxmin : For our Admins to better serve you
Stats : type /stats to see your kill count & deaths
List : type /list to see a list of all the online players
Kits : Starter kits available to help you get started. Type /kit hatchet to get a hatchet, works only once. Type /kit starter to get a few starting items, this can be done three times total.
Door Share : Share all your doors with your friends so they don’t have to enter a code on every single door.
Groups : Form a group with your friends to have private group chat while travelling around Rust.
ezsettings : Our own mod to set some common settings to save you time when starting out for the day. We currently disable grass, un-censors nudity, and removes the Alpha badge from the top right for you when you log in.
Chat History : type /history to get a display of chat history
Owner Removal : Hit any of your own objects with a pickaxe twice to destroy it and get a portion of the resources back. This only works on non-supporting pieces, ie. You can’t destroy a foundation with pillars on it so there are no “floating” buildings.
Crafting Controller : Used to disable the ability to craft C4, M4’s, Bolt Action Rifles, All Kevlar pieces. This makes these items all that much more valuable as they are in very limited supply. With that said, you can get all these items from killing Zombies, Air Drops, and boxes.
Death Command : Get notifications server wide when you kill another player, or are killed yourself!
Admin Help : Need help from an admin to check out a suspected hacker, or a general question on the server? type /adminhelp <message> to speak to any online admins directly.

Server Settings
PvP = On
AirDrops = At 5+ players (will adjust based on playerbase)
Sleepers = On
Crafting Timescale = 0.25 - Quarter Craft time
Decay Tick Rate = 1/3 normal decay time, it will take 3 times as long for your buildings to decay. We have a few players who can only log in every other day and normal decay became a problem.
Max Players = 50 - we don’t want a huge playerbase, with the current map-size of Rust anything more than 50 players is too crowded.

Future Mod Development
We, the admins, are developers ourselves so we are working on our own new plugins for Oxide that we will be testing on this server. With that said, we may restart the server occasionally to install a plugin/update settings. But when we do we will give everyone on the server several minutes of warning to get to a safe place as we restart. Server restarts only take about 30 seconds and then you can get right back to playing!