(US EAST)Barking Bear...New Server, Ox,TP,Door Share,Instacraft

Newbs welcome, helpful friendly Admin. No Admin abuse only looking to make a fun and helpful server.

Door Share
Air Drop after 5 players
pvp enabled

In the works: Quests, No craftable C4(only loot), events(suggestions welcome), take down mistakes on building, these are all things we are looking to add.

We need your help to get this community started… Join in and be a part of starting a fun experience.

If interested in joining in, start rust press F1 and copy paste: net.connect

Thanks for checking out the post.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three" - postal))

We are still looking for a few good players to help start a great community…join now and be a part of something!

Join the server and start building…