[US EAST] Bloodmoon, PVP, Oxide, Sleepers, Survival 250 player slots

Hi all, we have a new 250 slot server, [US EAST] Bloodmoon. In celebration we would like to run a drawing in February and a drawing in March, one winner each month. The prize will be a free copy of rust for a friend, or game of your choice under 20$ on steam.

The drawing winner will be announced the last day of the month. There is a minimum of 10 contestants to win the prize.
To enter the drawing as a contestant you must be a regular player on our server,Email us at scotthunt2002@yahoo.com, vote for us daily at http://toprustservers.com/server/9799, and build yourself a base by the end of the month.

Also to the person with the largest base by the end of the month will receive a airdrop signal.

To easily connect to our server just open the console in Rust (F1) and enter net.connect ustx130.playrust.eu:28005

Currently running the following oxide plugins(subject to change):
Door Sharing
Admin Help
Chat History
Economy with a list of items that can be purchased(including airdrops)
Private Messaging

C4 crafting is disabled, and only available by airdrop

Futures Plans include a pvp free town for trading purposes, pvp is however still encouraged. Organized PVP events, and more to come

Hope to see you there!