US East/Central Wiped 5-30 Very active admins/Vanilla/No Dura/ Hackers and glitchers actively hunted

Active admin team, several of us monitor it throughout the day and we just added two late-night admins to cover the off hours. Admins are all adults who are all interested in keeping hackers/glitchers/cheaters off the server.

Players with VAC bans are NOT allowed. I don’t care how old the ban is, or what game it’s from, how many hours you have in CSGO, or that your brother’s cousin’s uncle played your account and got the vac ban. No exceptions. If we find reasonable evidence that ties you to a VAC banned account, you’re gone!

Admins do play, but there is no abuse. We do not spawn in anything for ourselves.

No airdrops for the first 24 hours and then we’ll set them to auto based on server population.


No colored chat, no excessive smack-talk in chat. (we’ll ask you to take it to pm’s, then kick/ban as needed ) We also prefer that hackusations are sent to an admin rather than in general chat. Makes it easier to catch them and keeps chat free from spamming kiddies.

Highly experienced admin team. We monitor rusty and know how to find glitchers/hackers.

Cheatpunch enabled!

Vanilla, no durability

Pillar barricading and door holding are allowed.

Pillar/ceiling griefing are not allowed.

Just warning anyone, the admin changed the name of his server each day to make it look like it was “just wiped” that day. So that’s already an untrustworthy thing to do.

But i didn’t come here to post that, i came to warn anyone thinking of joining this server. Because the admin goes around with a group of 3 with full kevlar and m4’s blowing up bases with their spawned in grenades. They specifically use grenades because they are apparently a just wiped server. Even though you can see a lot of big buildings already.

Basically two kevlars (one was an admin) built on the side of our base prepared to blow up the wall by grenading. We then went outside and trapped them in by building around their door.

We talked to one of the kevlars called desolator through steam and this highlights the abuse.

This is what he said:
Desolater IV: and then the admin funk teleported to us
Desolater IV: and wondered what we were doing and saw we were stuck, and then him and the other admin started spawning grenades
Desolater IV: so it was pretty messed up, just wanted to let you know

So basically they blew up our base with 48 grenades in total when the server was apparentally just wiped and our base only needed 24 grenades to break in.

lol sure kid

^^ that reply from the admin.
That alone shows how unprofessional he is, you can join if you want but i’ve warned you.