[US EAST] CFG Official Rust PVP | Rust++ | No Admin Spawning | Sleepers | Wipes

Hello guys,

Today I am here on behalf of my clan Confound Gaming. We have recently acquired a server for Rust and have made it Sleepers PVP with mods likes Rust++ and so forth. We are a nice community with only two admins currently. Both of which (I as one of them) do not abuse powers nor do we ban unfairly or spawn ourselves ANYTHING. We ban fairly and have active staff. We keep constantly up to date with the best plugins and ensure our players have the best experience on PVP possible. We have a good ammount of players active and regular and I encourage you to give us a try!

Website: www.confoundgaming.com

Server IP:

Admins: Beatstorm, OBAMA MCLAMA

Hope to see you on the server!

EDIT: Also forgot to mention if you add it to your favorites between 1/21/14 and 1/24/14 the name may be XSV which is the old owners tag, it will change to CFG soon.