US East Coast 1 Needs a REBOOT

Stuck at 24/128 players for almost 48 hours now.

Can’t connect.

Press reset button pl0x

shhhhhh go play on another server

The server needs to be rebooted ASAP to prevent decay from starting.

ya this is driving me nuts all is goign to rot but metal buildings wtf

Really hope its up because me and my clans base is gonna decay. It is so big, and we have so much stuff. It would suck to see it fall in the dumbest way. LONG LIVE URM

lol Fook urm and all your hacking freinds

Really? Do you honestly believe we hack? Or are you mad because we’ve probably killed you before. There are no hackers in URM, maybe there was before, not anymore. None of us would risk getting the ban, although I could care less anyways…

do structures decay when servers do down? does the timer tick on regardless? if so my east coast 2 house is completely gone i would think :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know, buildings decay even while server is offline.

This gets me mad… I can’t play on my one and only favorite server. They even took the server off the list :confused:

so im wondering as the server is gone, in 3 hrs is all my stuff gone? its been like 2 days

It’s still down till now. :confused:

bilding rot soon, ima studdy till i can play :< or die

The server has disappeared off of the server list, and nobody’s been able to connect it to it for 48 hours. This needs to be fixed today.

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It’s 10:30 AM GMT. By this time tomorrow, it’ll be too late, and the server will have been effectively wiped. We need a reboot NOW.

whats that east coast ZZzzzz


same thing happened to all the official no pvp servers. facepunch has never responded. first one was over a month ago.

Bump. Im happy to let all of you know ALL buildings have started decaying get ready for the shitstorm if face punch dosnt reboot this server fast enough. honestly that Is my favorite server and id hate to see it go to 0 players from something like this. Shit is about to hit the fan lmao get ready for the crying noobs

Really? I guess my Rust break is coming soon then.

Still down. x-x