US East Coast 1 Server

What did happen to US East Coast 1 Server?
It’s been offline for awhile and I’d like to know if one day it will become active again because I’ve been playing there for so long that I don’t want to lose what I’ve already achieve…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have posted on this before…and sadly…have heard nothing…it’s pretty schitty that zero info is given on the official servers…it would be easy just to give people some idea of what has been going on with them…but they don’t bother it seems…

it’s been gone for 2 weeks. The customer support here is non-existent, and by the time they get the new netcode working, nobody’s going to trust Facepunch enough to bother playing it.

Or… they could be moving the server to the new version.

you wont get any sort of reply. Official servers have been mysteriously disappearing for 2 months now. No response from facepunch.