US East Coast 2 Down?

I’ve been unable to connect to US East Coast 2 all day long. It always says it has 33 players logged on but any attempt to connect to it just times out and I go back to the server select screen. I can connect to other servers fine. Is there something going on with it?

Been like that since the middle of last night.

Pings fine, but always says 33 ppl on and can’t connect.

It’s funny, when it went down before, I found a server that seemed ok, then the admin started flaking out, changing settings on a daily basis. I told him he was unreliable and left. So now EC2 is (seemingly) randomly down again. Perhaps something about PvE affects the server operator’s brain making them flakey and unreliable. Even the officials don’t seem immune to it.

Yeah, appearing to have 33 players logged in but cannot connect. Last time it went down it just disappeared from the list. Odd that it’s still there and showing connections. Hopefully it’ll be like last time and nothing will have decayed when it comes back up online…

There are always new servers starting up and begging for ppl to play.

When an always populated server (like East Coast 2) goes down, it would be a splendid time for one of these start-up servers to fill the void and start a server identical to the one that just died.

Ready made population. No messy forum posts bribing ppl to play. Simple.

Instead we get more PvP servers or PvE servers with crazy mods and intrusive admins with weird role-play ideas.

I’d start one myself but have no money to throw at it. (Cheapest I’ve seen is like $20 a month.)

(Hint: Admin that only restarts as needed. Maybe handles cheaters, but through the least hands-on way. NOTHING ELSE. No economy/insta-anything/events/votes/nothing… If it seems like no admin is there, it’s a winner.) That’s what keeps the Official servers at ~30 to ~80 ppl all the time.

lol. yep. gone for 2 months, mysteriously back up with out any decay, then back down again a week later. facepunch is the king of trolls.

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hehe yes he does. The excessive wolf population is back again and he has fall damage turned way up. I gave up on the server and Rust for the time being after that one.

But really though, can someone just reset this… I know like 10 people + that are sitting around just hoping that EC2 will be playable again… Lots of Pissed off People if our shit decays while we sit here unable to log in…