US East Coast 3 down?

wtf happened?

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

yup same

It happens, probably trancehax or truffles being “wow such amaze”

All east coast servers look to be offline.

Is there somewhere I can check for server status instead of spamming refresh on server list in-game??

please fix this devs

Yeah i got killed by a bear right when the lag started, tried to make it back to get my stuff back. No luck it crashed. Still Alpha. My vote, still keep it alpha for a while. Felt like a java memory leak or something.

Can someone fix this please, it’s like the 3rd time I spent rebuilding a base, spend all my time to rebuild a base and couldn’t enjoy the game while having one built. Please fix asap :frowning:

Possibly DDoS? All east coast is down. The lag was horrible right before the disconnect.

This game doesn’t run on Java… It’s running on Unity 3d :v: