US East Coast 3 (Large) Locked Up


We were playing EC3 last night. It is an official. We were kicked and the server does not respond to connections. It is frozen. It has shown 82/200 all night and nobody can connect. Please correct it.

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Bump, Someone needs to see this.



(User was banned for this post ("Stop bumping threads for no reason. We're aware of the problems." - Swebonny))


(User was banned for this post ("Stop bumping threads for no reason. We're aware of the problems." - Swebonny))

Everybody calm your tits. I’d also strongly advise you against posting nothing but “bump,” only bad things can happen to you.

The servers go down sometimes. Welcome to Early Access.


It is not down. I am calm. It is frozen. It is listed and shows a solitary number of players. Please see someone notices it.

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Down, frozen, crashed, are you really going to argue with me that these are important distinctions that matter when the end result is nobody can play on it?

You’re calm, the people who’ve been rabidly bumping this thread need to have a time-out.

Don’t sign your posts, your username is to the immediate left of every post you’ll ever make on here.

Just curious (and hoping not to step on a banishment landmine) but when this sort of thing occurs, is the server dialed back to a time before the issues? I hate to think of our base decaying after being unattended for so long without a timer reset.


The server is not reset. It would take too much donut-eating time. Hopefully they press the reset button before everyone’s base decays.

Yours truly,

Silekonn (the Instructed)

I think historically the server does not get rolled back. I could be wrong, but I’ve seen enough threads complaining about it all that I think this is correct.

Try not to get too attached to any one server or base or item… it can all be taken away in an instant due to the nature of “early access”.
In fact, if you don’t want to lose any more progress, you’re likely better off just putting the game on the shelf for a while and waiting until the experimental branch goes into production.

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Maybe try playing a different game for a couple months? Games are supposed to be fun and you clearly aren’t having any.

script kiddies like to use mommy’s credit card to rent a bot net to DDoS servers to dupe items. that could be why its down, its happened on east coast 3 a lot

ya EC3 is down for me as well, i lost base on EC1 from this very action, this time i will just hang back and play othere games, then see if my base is alive on EC3 when/if it comes up