US East Coast 3 (large)

is the server down? just wondering what happened?

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US East Coast No PvP also went down a few minutes ago

hmmm not good

Yeah looks like all the East Coast servers are down.

power outage or something in the area’s of the servers?

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us east coast pvp is up

US East Coast 3 (large) Still down

yeah, i wonder if someone attacked the server? was huge lag spike server wide then bam out

None of the east coast servers seem to show as online here, do you see any other east coast servers up as of yet?

Nope all east server are down for unknow reason

i see us east coast pvp, as up but thats it

I Dont see the server


Wtf ???

A few people on my steam friends list are connected to East Coast servers now, but I still don’t see them showing up in the list.

Apparently the servers are being switched. “East Coast” was actually located in Seattle, hence why a lot of people were lagging. I think they’ve been switched over to actual East Coast servers.

sorry east coast pvp server i think is a cuminty server

I am connect to the East Coast 2 (no pvp) server, check again blackout, I think they are back up.

So Any Eta when server going be up ???

East Coast 3 is back up

Yea thank for the info