US East Coast II, You Won't Regret Playing Here.

US east Coast II Is a Vanilla server with active admins and a friendly community ( too a point ), but what stands us apart from other servers is the care we show to new players. This is experimental but hopefully it will attract new players. If it is your first time playing in US East Coast II and you make it known and there is an admin on you’ll be given the basic building blocks for a building that you can call home. We feel the most difficult part in rust is getting a safe haven that all your goodies can be stored. So simply say something in Chat along the lines of, “Hey I’m new to the server” or something similar and we’ll come to your aid, and from there your name and Steam ID will be stored to prevent abusing our system. But don’t fret, the use of admin assisted items will stop there, the only other use for admin powers will be to punish those who ruin the experience of others, whether it be cheats or duping.

Just started about an hour ago and it’s awesome. Easiest start I’ve had yet. Thank you for helping me out. I feel like I lucked out. If you’re looking for a server with friendly admin’s, this is it. The community here feels solid and very friendly.

i think that derkyy has a good idea! Because when i started i quit after a couple trys then i came back to the game and i can say it is pretty hard to start up. Also derkyy is a really friendly guy i was talking with him for a while he was out duper hunting to keep the server clean.

I play on this server but Never heard of this and prolly would not take advantage half the fun is starving in the woods. wishing u had a house only to spend hours making it and then get it Blown away and taken My RiceNCrackers 30 minutes after u log off!

Used to play on this server… until the same 4 bandits keep putting walls/foundations/barricades in front of my entrance of my house. They don’t even care about my loot! They just sit there and troll you.