US East coast . losing gear.

i just started playing and found a halfway destroyed house, in side i found full rad suit, 6 pistols ammo and around 1000 metal fragments. I then looked for house that someone vandalized and took it into my hands and put a door and ceiling, completing it. i store all my stuff into the boxes and then kept a pistol and full rad on my self. i logged off and left. i came back to a fresh spawn and having nothing?

Is this something that has been occurring or a bug or something?

P.S wasn’t on sleeper server.

all servers are sleep servers

It is sleeper as of recently.

If they are going to have all sleep servers, they should put those beds to good use. You should be required to sleep at your bed or else you die instantly. It would make the game seem a little more realistic and raiding a base and finding a guy sleeping in a sleeping bag would be kind of h̶o̶t̶ i mean cool. If you log off out of your base you are boned anyway.

Dont believe that sleepers are activated on recently wiped servers

ravenholm i just seen you in us east lol thanks for the info guys, wasnt aware of all sleeper servers

Die instantly if you don’t sleep on a bed? A little more realistic?