(US East Coast) Pandemic Legion Fresh 3/3 Rarec4/slprs/instacraft/airdrop

-PL East Admin:

There is almost always an admin on, just ask if you dont get a response mail us @ pleast123@gmail.com

PL East, is a fun server and you get to kill admins!

When you spawn, we have two starter kits

/kit starter:

(1) Stone Hatchet
(3) Cooked Chicken Breast

/kit basic:

(1) WoodShelter
(1) Wood Door
(1) Camp Fire
(10) Raw Chicken Breast
(50) Wood

This is a sever where you can fight others and have fun doing it!

Here are some other features on the server:

Groups - Creates groups to be able to use your own private chat that is separate from the rest of the server!
Owner removal plugin - Destroy misplaced stuff with your pickaxe. It will drop the resources used to make whatever you break.
Rare C4 -You can only get C4 from airdrops and zombie drops, and crafting is disabled.
Doorsharing - This server runs a more secure, advanced, and easy-to-use form of doorshare than what is in the vanilla game.
Airdrops - Airdrops occur every hour when 10 people are on
InstaCraft- No need to wait build your stuff Instantly
Sleepers enabled - Make sure you log out in a safe place or risk dying!
Anti-decay - Decay is disabled on all structures that are possible in the game.


To connect on the rust sever page press F1 and paste net.connect