US East Coast [{Rusted Legends}] [Rust++] [Good Moderators] [Dedicated Server]

Tight nit community, community website and forums, respectable moderators, harsh hacking enforcement, hourly backups, dedicated hosting equipment.

Join in on the fun, get in early to help secure your spot and place in Legends.

The server features:

  • Door share,
  • anti-combat log,
  • reduced craft times,
  • currently no decay,
  • random airdrops,
  • DEDICATED, friendly admins and moderators,
  • absolutely no hacking, cheating, exploiting tolerated. Server moderators are around and will ban without question. PvP permitted, encouraged.

Server IP:

Rusted Legends is a new server brought to you by the Legends Gaming Network. We are currently in the initial phases of opening to the Rust community, but have a 3 year history with Minecraft, Multiple years with Day of Defeat and oldschool experience with Battlefield 2.